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A Country on the Cusp of "Peak 65"

On Climate, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 3.49.23 PM2023 was the hottest year in recorded history -- and this year may very well be hotter. That doesn't bode well for humanity specifically or the planet in general.

That's why the new book, Am I Too Old to Save the Planet? by Lawrence MacDonald, is especially timely. While many of us may just helplessly wring our hands, shake our heads or look the other way, MacDonald describes actions both little and big on climate change Boomers can take to make a difference.

Not surprisingly, MacDonald begins in Part 1 ("How we got here") by laying blame for climate change squarely on our generation. Unfortunately, Boomers have a lot of mea culpa to do.

More importantly, however, the author makes it very clear with a sense of true urgency that we can do something positive to affect climate change. In Part 2, MacDonald offers specific suggestions, beginning at a personal level and detailing six actions anyone can take to make an impact:

  1. Stop wasting food and eat less meat
  2. Drive less: Walk, bike and take public transportation more
  3. Move your money
  4. Install rooftop solar
  5. Upgrade your car to an EV
  6. Fly less -- or not at all

A key point MacDonald makes, however, is "Don't get stuck at personal action!" While each of these actions can have a real measurable effect if enough Boomers do them, the situation is dire enough for all of us to go beyond personal actions alone and become climate activists, says MacDonald.

The remainder of the book covers what MacDonald believes is needed if we are to thwart the effects of climate change. In short, he is recommending that Boomers take some serious interruptive actions to make a real difference. His call to action is likely to remind some Boomers of the passion they shared when they demonstrated and marched for civil rights, against the Vietnam war and on behalf of the environment.

MacDonald offers not just encouragement but solid suggestions as well as resources. Writes MacDonald, "Sadly, it's too late to restore the gentle, predictable climate that we knew in our youth. But it's not too late -- and we are not too old -- to save a livable planet for our children, grandchildren, and the generations coming after. Every tenth of a degree makes a difference."

We would do well to heed MacDonald's advice. You'd do well to read his book.

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Lawrence MacDonald

Thank you for this thoughtful, positive review. It's clear that the reviewer took time to read the book! Much appreciated!

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