How Passion Translates Into Part-Time Income
The Changing View of Retirement

Rewiring Retirement as a Tech-Savvy Boomer

Laptop-g0096615c7_1280In general, Boomers are given far less credit than they deserve when it comes to embracing information technology. The fact is, Boomers are very plugged in to the use of online tools and streaming services. The AARP 2022 Tech Trends report indicated the following: "Three in four people age 50-plus say they rely on technology to stay connected, with those in their 50s (76%), 60s (79%), and 70s (72%) all exceeding 70%."

You may be part of the healthy segment of the Boomer demographic that is tech-savvy, which could translate into opportunities for personal gratification and supplemental income. An increasingly common way to take advantage of technology is to become part of the "gig economy." There are almost limitless opportunities for online gigs that don't discriminate on the basis of age. The tech-savvy Boomer can easily compete for projects of all types as long as you have the know-how in a specific discipline.

An obvious area you can leverage is social media. For example, while TikTok has been under fire lately, it remains one of the most lucrative online channels available for influencers. A recent article in The New York Times spotlighted older TikTok creators, suggesting:"No matter what their age or finances, some elder influencers are finding that being on the app can bring them extra cash, or even help them extend their careers."

According to the article, "These creators have been finding success by sharing life lessons and fashion tips, cooking, interacting with grandchildren or just being funny — while also promoting products. ...For the vast majority of influencers, the income from these gigs may not be enough to retire on, but it can help give their later-year finances a boost and even give them extra money to invest."

LinkedIn is another useful social media avenue for professional and business pursuits. Boomers can create a richly detailed personal profile, make connections, join groups and find opportunities by building a personal network. There are also many online job boards that offer tech-related gig opportunities.

With the dramatic increase in and acceptance of remote work, it is no longer necessary for Boomers who want part-time work to be limited to in-person jobs. Working from home offers the kind of convenience and flexibility that could be ideal for semi-retirement. The tech-savvy Boomer (or one who is willing to learn) can take full advantage of this new work environment and get the best combination of a part-work/part-leisure lifestyle.

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