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July Half-Price Sale on eBooks for Boomers!

During the month of July only, a select group of eBooks written for Boomers will be on sale for half-price. This special promotion is only available at Smashwords.com, where you can select your choice of eBook format, including Kindle (mobi), EPUB and PDF.

To take advantage of this half-price sale, click on the eBook titles below that interest you. When you check out, simply use the code SSW50 to get the eBook of your choice at half price. Offer good through July 31.


World War Brands: World War II and the Rise of the Modern American Brand
by Barry Silverstein
Regular price: $5.99 Sale price: $2.99

This book explores the interrelationship of World War II and American brands, showing how the war itself was "branded," how brand advertisers leveraged the war, and how the post-war economy helped birth the modern brand. Included are 38 vintage ads and scores of stories about some of the best-known brands of the '40s and '50s.

This unique book takes a fresh look at the impact of World War II on America from a marketing perspective. History and brand buffs alike will be enthralled by WORLD WAR BRANDS!


Boomer Brands: Iconic Brands that Shaped Our Childhood
by Barry Silverstein
Regular price: $4.99 Sale price: $2.49

This unique book is a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about the beloved brands Boomers first met in the 50s and 60s. Brand maven Barry Silverstein shares “Boomer Brand Cameos” of over fifty of the brands Boomers grew up with: Disney, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Good Humor, Howard Johnson, Hush Puppies, MAD, Ovaltine, Twinkies, WIFFLE Ball and many more. Most of these brands began during the Boomer era and are still around. Plus, Boomers will gain rare insight into how these iconic brands shaped their childhood and have a lasting impact on their life. BOOMER BRANDS is meant to be read by Boomers, shared with Boomers, and savored for the memories!


Boomer Brand Winners & Losers: 156 Best & Worst Brands of the 50s and 60s
by Barry Silverstein
Regular price: $4.99 Sale price: $2.49

This remarkable book features fascinating stories of 156 best and worst brands of the Boomer era. Readers can relive the days of Cap’n Crunch and Cocoa Puffs, E-Z Pop and Pop-Tarts, cap guns and comic books. They can recall the time when automobiles ruled the road and a transistor radio was “advanced technology.” They will learn how television played a key role in brand advertising. They will discover which brands blossomed and which were a bust. BOOMER BRAND WINNERS & LOSERS is a wondrous walk down Memory Lane!


Let’s Make Money, Honey: The Couple’s Guide to Starting a Service Business
by Barry Silverstein and Sharon Wood
Regular price: $6.99 Sale price: $3.49

By a baby boomer couple who start a small service business as a second career, this how-to guide covers planning, financing, outfitting, and launching a service business, as well as operations, marketing, sales, customer service, and managing growth. Included are useful tools to help couples assess their business interests and compatibility. LET'S MAKE MONEY, HONEY is a must-read for Boomer couples, especially those exploring encore careers. 

Take advantage of this limited time offer to get eBooks at half-price today!





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