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Afraid of Technology? Not Us!

A leading consumer research organization, Wunderman Thompson, reports that Boomers are "turning to online tools, apps, and systems with increasing enthusiasm to stay connected and stocked." Two of the statistics the analysis cites are strong evidence:

  • The 50 to 64 age group uses Facebook more than the age groups just above and below them. (Pew Research Center)
  • Consumers over the age of 65 are the fastest growing group of online shoppers. (NPD Group)

Check out these additional impressive statistics from various sources as reported by Herosmyth:

  • 57 percent of Boomers use tablets as compared to 35 percent of Millennials. (Nielsen)
  • 60 percent of Boomers follow brands on social media for deals and promotions. (Sprout Social)
  • 70 percent of Boomers who use Facebook log into the social media network daily. (PRC)
  • 85 percent of Boomers research products on their web browsers. (Synchrony)
  • 66 percent of Boomers make regular purchases on web devices. (Immersion Active)
  • Over 25 percent of Boomers consume 20 hours or more of online content each week. (BuzzStream x Fractl)

When I wrote about the online shift in a previous post, I noted that the pandemic has encouraged Boomers to dramatically increase their usage of online shopping/delivery/meal prep apps as well as participation in video chatting and online education. The NPD Group says consumers 65 and over spent 49 percent more online in 2020 than they did in 2019.  Still, it isn't as if Boomers were shying away from technology previously -- during the pandemic, they just depended on it even more.

Computer technology phobia is one of the many myths used to marginalize Boomers. Persistent ageism is likely to lead to the perception that Boomers are intimidated by computer technology and don't embrace it as do younger generations. Lots of folks, including brand marketers, media agencies and the news media, seem to forget that the computer technology revolution started on our watch. If anything, we became comfortable with hi tech before it was fashionable. Sure, we need to keep current on the latest changes and advances, but no more than everyone else.

So my fellow Boomers, don't let others play the age card and paint you as a technophobe or worse, a doddering old Luddite. That perception couldn't be more wrong.

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