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Two New Boomer Books to Start the New Year Right

Retirement Your Way

Books Man-4060500_1920Everything I read suggests the Boomer generation has been the first to truly change the notion of retirement. I've witnessed this personally -- - every Boomer I know (including myself) views retirement as an opportunity to reinvent, rewire, or refresh their lives.

The biggest question Boomers face is not whether to continue to be vital and active, but rather what to do next. There are many books available that can help point you in the right direction, including John D. Anderson's Replace Retirement. Writing for, Anderson  says "Your second half of life can be invigorated and energized by living out one or more of three opportunities. You can do all three at once, but will benefit most by focusing your energy on one, and enjoying the other two as additional fuel." He identifies these three key "drivers" to success in the second half of life:

  1. Pursue Professional Mastery
  2. Revive a Dream
  3. Improve Your Word

Check out what Anderson has to say about each of these drivers in his article.

I think Anderson has accurately identified the areas that are likely to be of greatest importance to most Boomers as they consider what to do next. There is much to be said for maintaining flexibility and, if finances and time permit, pursuing more than one avenue in life's second half. Anderson's suggestion that Boomers concentrate on one area but include the others as secondary interests makes sense for those who want to enrich their lives. This concept has worked well for me: I maintain a part-time professional career, but also pursue personal passions and volunteer activities.

If you can make it work, retirement your way -- the way you want to structure it -- should be the best way to live out the rest of your years. is a Top 75 Baby Boomer Blog.


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