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Subtly Plying the Waters of Retirement: "I'll See You in My Dreams"

Media"I'll See You in My Dreams" is a movie that some may call a sleeper: It might seem fairly innocent and maybe even inconsequential at first blush, but it could leave a lasting impression that is hard to get out of your mind. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 4.29.22 PMOne of the reasons this film makes an impact is the nuanced acting of Blythe Danner as Carol, a widowed woman who seems to bump into mortality at every turn. While Danner clearly shines as the main character, there are a lot of other things to like about this understated little gem. For instance, Carol's platonic relationship with a much younger man (misinterpreted by one of Carol's friends) is a mature theme too often overlooked in movies. Sam Elliott's Bill, Carol's unexpected love interest, is himself an engaging, complex character. Carol's cliquish friends set an amusing undertone while helping to portray the realism of life in a retirement community. At least two scenes -- one in which Carol speed dates and another in which she and her friends get high on pot -- are laugh-out-loud funny.

Humor, however, is not the primary point of "I'll See You in My Dreams;" it has a bittersweet feel to it that exposes the vulnerability of our later years, in particular, the pain women may endure. This is a movie that had me thinking about it long after I exited the theatre. I recommend it.


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