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OntheGoI've always been fascinated by retirees who move to another country, or buy an RV and travel around this country. There's a lot to admire about such adventurers who are clearly living their dream.

Still, uprooting yourself in the second half of your life is not an easy decision. When my wife and I decided to rewire in our mid-fifties, we wanted to make a fresh start and relocate from the Boston, Massachusetts area. We had lived there for nearly thirty years and we felt it was time for a change. I was tired of watching the snow pile up to the top of the mailbox in the winter and I knew our real estate taxes would become a real burden as we aged. We could have considered downsizing locally, but a new life chapter beckoned.

For us, it was adventurous enough to move to another state much less another country. We used our daughter's entry into college as a marker for when we would relocate. We did quite a bit of research beforehand, and every time we made a list of what we wanted in a place to live, Asheville, North Carolina rose to the top. We made numerous visits to Asheville before agreeing it was the right place for us. We gave up jobs, but we had a plan to start a business together that would leverage both our skills.

If relocation is something you want to consider, evaluate the pros and cons carefully. Make sure you're financially able to relocate. Visit your potential relocation spot often, particularly at different times of the year. Decide what kind of lifestyle you want. Research the area for everything that's important to you -- employment, recreation, climate, healthcare, and whatever else. Check out the many "best places to retire" lists that are published each year.

Relocating is a big decision. I'm happy to say it was the right choice for us. 


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